What you should know before traveling to Australia



What you should know before traveling to Australia

The main city in Australia is sydney, It is world famous city too.The Most Amazing thing is that it attracting the most numbers of visitors every year, Locally as well as internationally According to research Number of tourist in last year are about upto 35 Millions. We are providing everything you need to know about this tour, So you will surely not miss any beauty in Australia.

Ready For Sudney

In the beginning from your hometown, It will be long journeyof couple of hours with a single or multiple stop.If you are in france they will offer you a special holiday discount as well for many Airlines. Otherwise you might get a regular discount offer.

I would like to tell you that you should not use train for your journey because Australia is far behind in railway department than other countries like france. You can use bussed or flight indeed flight might be bit expensive for you.

For Sydney tour how much days you need?

Most of the city can be explore in less than 3 days too if you don’t have enough time to stay but you must manage your days in a better way.

It will be more entertainment if you have more than 3 days or have a week minimum. You must explore the Sydney beaches and national parks as well.

Motels in Sydney

Sydney is much expensive with accommodation prespectiveFor that purpose here are some suggestion for you.

  1. You can share some space with locals it is a good option and will be a good experience as well.
  2. On weekend hotel rooms get high rates when you need a private room with attached bathroom for your ease of living. Better you should choose any room with shared washroom as well.
  3. You can ask on facebook for temporary space as many of peoples do give their space on rent for short term.
  4. You can find some roommates on social app using for this purpose in Australia you can search on internet.

Know what you should must do during visit?

There are some famous beaches in Sydney you must visit there. Go some google the famous places in Sydney as you shouldn’t miss any of them because you will never get chance to visit there again.

The Famous Royal Botanic Garden

Royal botanic is the heart of the Sydney city. You can see a lot of fresh flowers there you can relax take fresh air there. Do walk in the garden. May be you find any festival there as they arrange festivals throughout the year.


There are many historic places as well in the Sydney. You must visit those places have beautiful rocks.

FamousPaddy’s Market

After visit these places at night there is a place you should never miss to go after 6 pm. There is delightful view in the night if you visit this place.

Things Must do during Sydney visit:

  • You must Visit the Surry Hills to go their trendy neighbourhoods.
  • Spend some time on a famous beach bondi beach.
  • It will be best if you can arrange a BBQ night on beach.



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