The Travel Blogger’s Dream: India, It’s Heritage and the Capital

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The Travel Blogger’s Dream: India, It’s Heritage and the Capital

I love traveling, I always read. My father was a travel blogger, so he used to take us along his adventures. While he reported, I and my mother used to explore every corner and crevice of the city we were in.

Be it Paris or Budapest, I had seen it all. I had travelled majority of the European countries by the time I was 18. After completing school at 22, I knew that there wasn’t a job in the world that could be give me the same thrill as travelling could.

So, at the age of 22 I started my travel blog and worked as a freelance blogger for whoever needed me because you need the money.

I started exploring the cities near my home first. When there weren’t many left, my blog had finally started gaining some traction. I garnered quite a few loyal followers and my adventures started taking me a little further away from home.

Sometimes, I had enough money saved up and other to times I had to opt for a guaranteed payday loan from a direct lender simply because I could not afford a rejection and the amount wasn’t too long to stretch a loan for more than a month.

I have travelled to Algeria, UAE, Madagascar and Chile. Next on my travel list is a country that is really close to my heart. Find out why.


Why I chose India?

India has always been a country that I wanted to see the most of explore every single state and single.

I’m not sure from where the fascination stemmed from, but I loved every moment I spent on researching the country. Maybe it was because my father also talked about visiting India and was never able to actually make that trip happen. So, I took it upon myself to make that dream come true.

Let me tell you a few things about this country that might not seen very appealing to you;

For one, India encompasses almost 18% of the world population in 2% of the world’s land. So, it is suffice to say that India is a bit overcrowded.

And secondly, the country has population levels that just might make a Briton suffer from breathing difficulties, however, please focus in the word might, that is operational here.

Apart from these two, the country is a gem that should be on the bucket list of every travel enthusiast as it is on mine.


What Made Me Enchanted by the Country?

I am a proud Briton, I love my country more than anything else. However, I would say that there isn’t anything like India.

It is country of many wonders that are not only awe-inspiring, but also beyond this world.

The Taj Mahal is at the centre of it all. One of the second wonders of the world, it is not just a building, but an epitome of love that could never die. A Mughal Emperor by the Shah Jahan had constructed this monument when his beloved wife had died. He wanted to eternalise his love for her and he was quite successful in doing that.

The monument is even named after his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. I seriously do not think that a love like this can be found today.

Apart from this wondrous symbol of love, all of India is filled with places and buildings that are just waiting for you to visit them.

  • Be it the beaches of South India or the snow capped mountains of North India.
  • Be it the waterfalls of the North-East or the desserts of the West.
  • Be it the boisterous streets of Punjab or the muted calmness of South Goa.

Wherever you would go, you will find nothing but love, affection and inspirational awe. And that is why I am enchanted by the country.


Why Its Capital is Its Perfect Reflection?

I want to see the entire glory of the country. O want to see every single city there and then some more. However, I knew that it would not be possible in a single visit. So, I decided that I would just enjoy a city at a time.

Rushing throughout the trip is not really my style. I liked the calmness I find when I give the time and the attention to each of my travels.

So, the first time, I went to India, I decided that I would only be visiting the Capital city and learn everything about it and trust me I did not regret my decision.

New Delhi, the heart and soul of the country is one of the most authentically beautiful cities I have seen. Yes, it is overcrowded and yes, it has a lot of pollution and traffic and yes, it could use a thorough cleaning. Still, nobody can deny that the city is beautiful.

From the gigantic flyovers to the tiny streets of  Old Delhi, everything is beyond lovely.

The Red Fort, the QutubMinar, the Bangla Sahib, the Jama Masjid or the Connought Place, every place in the city has a history behind it, giving the city a character like no other.

The cultural diversity in the city sums up India and its heritage. I met people from each corner of the country and everyone had different take on the city.

And that is why Delhi is truly that the heart and soul of the country

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