Maihar Mata Temple | Madhya Pradesh – A Complete Guide

Sharda Temple

Maihar Mata Temple | Madhya Pradesh – A Complete Guide


Maihar is a town which is very famous for Sharda Temple. This small town is situated in Satna District, Madhya Pradesh, India.Sharda Temple here is among the 108 shakti peethas. At this place, the necklace of the goddess Sati had fallen. Sharda Temple is in on a mountain that is a part of the Trikut mountain chain. Moreover, the temple is on a height of 600 feet.

Every day thousands of devotees come here to give their respect to Goddess Sharda. During the festival of Navratra, the crowd in Maihar is extreme. 


Where To Stay 

If I talk about staying there, then there are many hotels which are cheap.Maihar is basically a small town. Because of this, a very small population lives here.Earning of most of the people in Maihar depends on tourist. Employment from other sources is very less in this town.Online booking Facility for hotels is very less in Maihar. Most of the hotels in this place are of the old period and therefore does not use online portals.

Food In Maihar

Here you will mostly find Vegetarian food.If you want to eat food at a low price in Maihar then you can eat it in a religious feast. A religious feast is organized every day except Saturday under the name “Sharda Ankoot Shard Dham”. This religious feast is opened from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M.To eat in the religious feast, you have to purchase a token of 15 Rs. But in this small amount, you will have a very good meal that will fill your stomach.

Other than this another religious feast is also organized under the name “Maihar Trust”. From here you will get a meal for Rs 10.But I will advise you to eat 15 Rs Meal because this meal is much better.

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How To Reach Sharda Temple?

Sharda Temple is situated on a Mountain. You can go there either by ropeway or by stairs. There are a total of 1006 stairs.Going by stairs requires a lot of effort and is also time-consuming.Still, many devotees go by stairs.The charges for going by ropeway is 71 Rs for Children (3-10 Years Old) and 118 Rs for adult.

No fees are charged for children below 3 years of age.

If you are going by ropeway, then on the way you can see the whole Maihar Town. This view is also very pleasant.

Before going inside the main temple, you have to go to a small temple which is just outside the Sharda Mata Temple.

This temple is of another God (Bhairav) who is considered as the protector of Sharda Mata Temple.

After that, you can go inside the main temple and pay your respect to the Goddess.

After the last aarti in the night, the whole campus of the temple is locked. Moreover, during the night no one stays near the temple.

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Alha – A Great Devotee of Goddess Sharda

There was a person named Alha. He was a great devotee of Goddess Sharda. Moreover, Goddess had also given a boon of immortality to Alha.Therefore, it is believed that the first worship of Goddess is done by Alha.Many times, it was seen that after opening the door of the temple in the morning, there were some flowers and worship materials.There is a pond that is about 2 Km away from the temple. This pond is called Alha’s Pond. You can have a view of this pond from the mountain where Sharda Temple is situated.

After you go down, then you can also visit this pond.

About 2 km from there, pond and the temple of Alha is situated. The way for going to Alha Temple is very beautiful.Between the forest, there is a road which will lead you to the Alha Temple.Once you reach there, first go to the temple, and then you can watch the pond which is just near the temple.It is said that Alha used to bath in this pond and then go to the temple for worshipping Goddess Sharda on Mountain.This temple is filled with Lotus Flowers. Moreover, there are also beautiful hills which are visible from the pond.

This view is really pleasant.

This is a small temple, but you will still feel great once you reach there.

You can end your journey by visiting Golmat Temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is a small temple but is very old. It was built in the tenth century.

How To Reach Maihar ?

You can reach Maihar easily with roads or railways.

Railway Station for this place is named as Maihar Railway Station. This station is small but still mostly trains stops at this station.

If you want to go by air then Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport is the nearest airport to Maihar but It will still take you 6-7 hours from airport to reach Maihar.


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