Five places in Fuzhou that you cannot miss! 


Five places in Fuzhou that you cannot miss! 

The best feeling is when you expect the least and get the highest! Associate this with your travel plans and imagine returning home with contentment after a holiday in a lesser-known tourist place. If you are not sure where to go for a pleasant surprise and are hesitant to invest a lot of your precious time to find one, leave the burden on us. We recommend Fuzhou city and this article gives you a glimpse of the top sightseeing places in Fuzhou. 

About Fuzhou:

Fuzhou is the capital city of Fujian Province in South China. The coastal city is near enough to the popular cities in China, yet distant enough from the tourist rush. Fuzhou Changle International Airport (FOC) is the international airport serving . Many sightseeing places in Fuzhou are nestled in the picturesque natural scenery and include forest parks and gardens, historic temples and tombs, mountains, bridges, and towers. The mild weather and fresh air in city impart peaceful vibes.

  • West Lake Park – The pearl of gardens in Fuzhou:

This classic Chinese garden with a history of over 1700 years has been an important landmark of , a two-thousand-year-old city. Located on the northwest of the city on Hubin Road, West Lake Park spreading across 43 hectares is carefully preserved.  The works of ancient artists and literati beautifully depict the open halls, temples, terraces, pavilions, houses and towers circled by emerald waters and numerous trees. Walk on the casual walkways around the lake or paddle boat along the lake to scrutinize the beauty of this sightseeing place in Fuzhou. Kaihua Temple in the center of Kaihua Islet, a zoo and museum are must-visit places here.

  • Sanfang Qixiang-  a historic and cultural center of Fuzhou:

Known as ‘Three lanes and seven alleys,’ Sanfang Qixiang is a historic enclave located in the heart of Fuzhou city and consists of three lanes and seven alleys where more than 200 architectural houses of affluent personalities during the Ming and Qing dynasties are well-preserved to this date. It is the best sightseeing place in Fuzhou, where you can learn the history, culture and architecture of and China. It gained popularity as the ‘Architectural museum of Ming and Qing Dynasty.’ The brick houses are decorated with seashells and the ornaments, wood and stone carvings reflect the ancient glory. You can also shop for souvenirs in the streets and taste the signature dish ‘fishballs’ in any restaurant!

  • Fuzhou National Forest Park – a Botanical Garden:

Fuzhou is called “The city of banyans” as many age-old banyan trees, with wide-spread branches can be seen everywhere in the city. But the Fuzhou National Forest Park is where you gaze open-mouthed at a thousand-year-old banyan tree! Said to be planted in the Song Dynasty, the 20 m tall banyan tree widens across an area of 1300 sq m. Fuzhou National Forest Park or Fuzhou Botanical Garden is one of the ten national forest parks in China. Situated at a distance of 7 km from the city, this sightseeing place in Fuzhou has six segments namely the bamboo-section, tree section, human landscape section, pool section, forest museum, and a bird forest inhabited by more than 150 species of birds. 

  • Xichan Temple – a Buddhist shrine:

One more interesting sightseeing place in Fuzhou is Xichan Temple. Situated at the foot of Yushan Mountain, it is one of the top five Buddhist temples in Fuzhou. The 36 grand buildings including halls, pavilions and towers of this ancient temple built in the Tang Dynasty house several historic relics. The imperial handwriting, murals, and the Dagoba of a Buddhist monk can be spotted among them. This prominent temple stands tall above the surrounding Litchi trees (believed to be planted in the Song dynasty) overlooking the fishponds and a calm garden, thus embodying peace.

  • Mountain Gushan or Drum Hill – a national scenic spot in China:

This evergreen mountain resting on the northern banks of the Min River is the ultimate spot for many scenic beauties including tea plantations, waterfalls, temples, caves, and historic sites, while the special attraction is always the hundreds of inscriptions on the mountain cliff by famous literati. A massive rock in the shape of a drum sitting on the summit gives it an alternate name “Drum Hill.” The deformed rocks due to weathering take a queer shape and are as attractive as the unusual natural formations. Climb the steep stairs or get into a cable car to reach the top of the mountain for breathtaking views offered by this impressive sightseeing place in Fuzhou.

   There are many other sightseeing places in Fuzhou and if you are planning a long weekend, you could cover most of them in a single visit. Why delay? Search for cheap flights to Fuzhou on iEagle and explore these awesome attraction!


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