Best 21 Cafés in Chikmagalur 


Best 21 Cafés in Chikmagalur 


Pondering where you ought to eat in Chikmagalur at the present time? The city is a buffet of lip-smackingly great diners, from the stylish and intriguing to the peculiar and exemplary. We have assembled enlightening alternatives all around the city. Here are a couple of our top choices at this moment. Stop in and make proper acquaintance at some point at what may simply be probably the best cafés in Chikmagalur! Regardless of whether you’re making arrangements for a casual night and are searching for an easygoing eating spot, or in case you’re arranging a memorable night, this rundown has the ideal cafés for each event. For booking the best Resorts in Chikmagalur just visit our website. 


Town Canteen 


Town Canteen in Chikmagalur is a well – known spot for their assortment of Dosa things and they’re heavenly. They just serve South-Indian Cuisine. They additionally make sweets like Gulab jamun, Kheer, sheer, and substantially more. The staff individuals are thoughtful. 


Timings: 7 am – 10 pm 


Address: Ratnagiri Road, Chikkamagalur, India 


The Estate Café 


The Estate Café is in a sloping area and vacationers love to visit this spot. The spot is tranquil, quiet, and wonderful. Vulnerable climate, individuals love to have a sweltering refreshment here and appreciate the climate. The climate of the bistro is lovely. Staff individuals are caring and supportive. Individuals can invest their energy here with loved ones. 


Address: Chinnenahlli ‘An’ Estate, Mallandur., Chikkamagalur 577130, India 


Espresso Barn Café 


Espresso Barn Café advances love and harmony among the individuals through probably the best medium – Coffee. They serve the best espresso and different refreshments as well. They make nibble things like sandwiches, cheddar omelet, and substantially more. They have an open-air guest plan. One can appreciate the picturesque magnificence outside the bistro. They have a nursery territory with numerous delightful blossoms. 


Address: KM Road, PB 109, Halliberri Coffee and Cottages, Kambihalli Estate, Chikkamagalur 577101, India 


Sai Veg 


Sai Veg is a veggie-lover Restaurant. It is a heaven for all the veg darlings. The food is scrumptious. They have an assortment of food things on their menu. The feel of the eatery is charming. The staff individuals are acceptable, and they keep up the cleanliness of the spot quite well. 


Address: KM Road, Gloria Complex, Hanumanthappa Circle | Above Ibaco Ice Cream Parlor, Chikkamagalur 577101, India 


Vishnu Delicacy 


Vishnu Delicacy is a multi-cooking café. The administrations gave by the café are head class. They have all around prepared staff individuals, and they convey the best offices to their clients. The food is luscious and lip-smacking. They set up the Main course, breakfast, tidbits, and treats. They additionally make refreshments like new organic product juices, tea, espresso, snakes, and considerably more. 


Address: Chikkamagalur 577101, India Off Indira Gandhi Road, Jyothi Nagar


Lodging Mayura 


Lodging Mayura in Chikmagalur is celebrated among the neighborhood individuals and the regular guests. It is an unadulterated veg Hotel. The food here gives everybody the inclination as though they’re eating natively constructed food. They serve south-Indian Cuisine too. They make dishes for breakfast, lunch, supper, and bites. The climate of the Hotel is wonderful. 


Address: Mahatma Gandhi Road, Chikkamagalur 577101‎, India 


Mysore Foodz 


Mysore Foodz is where one can discover all the treats of the popular city Mysore. They make the Mysore Masala Dosa, Mysore Bonda, Mysore Bhaji, and a lot more things. The dishes are delicious and mouth-watering. The insides of the Restaurant are very much enriched. Staff individuals are caring and supportive. 


Address: M.G.Road, Chikkamagalur 577101, India 


Annapurna Veg 


Annapurna Veg is an unadulterated veggie lover café. For all the veg darlings, this spot is a treat as they would prefer buds. This Restaurant serves Chinese and Indian Cuisines. They make North-Indian, South-Indian, Tandoori Roti, Beverages like tea, espresso, juices, shakes, and Chinese things too. They sell frozen yogurts for sweets. The rates are sensible. 


Address: Opp Ksrtc Bus Stand, Chikkamagalur, India 


Food Palace 


Food Palace as it is entitled is a center point for a wide range of Cuisine. They have things for the primary courses, starters, drinks, and sweets. The atmosphere of the Restaurant is alleviating. The administrations gave by the Staff individuals are head class. 


Address: RG Road, Chikkamagalur, India 




Salpicon is a burger shop in Chikmagalur. They serve an assortment of burgers. The administration offered by the staff individuals is praiseworthy. The feel of the spot is lovely. This food joint is able for adolescents and grown-ups who accompany their loved ones. 


Timings: Monday through Sunday – 11.30 through 21.30 hours Timings:


Address: Chikkamagalur 577102, Opp A.P.M.C Yard, India.


Gauthami Hotel 


Gauthami resorts in Chikmagalur is notable for its awesome treats since commencement. They get ready vegetables just as meat rarities. The feeling of the Hotel is relieving. The costs of food things are sensible. It merits sending the cash. One can come here for festivities too. 


Address: R.g street, Chikkamagalur, India 


Odyssey, The Serai 


Odyssey, The Serai is a Multi-Cuisine Restaurant. They get ready delightful food things for breakfast, lunch, supper, and tidbits. The Restaurant is at an excellent area. They additionally have a retreat where their clients who have booked their rooms can appreciate in the pools. The climate of the Restaurant is decent. The administrations gave are tasteful. 


Address: M Road KM, Chikkamagalur 577 133, India Chikmagalur Mail.


The Club House 


The Club House is at the grower court. They make rarities for the fundamental course, starters, and pastries. They make North-Indian, South-Indian, and Chinese food things. The vibe and the environment of the Restaurant are acceptable. The administrations are head class. They additionally encourage a bunch of festivities and gatherings. 


Address: P. B. 109, K. M. Street, Chikkamagalur, India 


Greens Family Restaurant 


Greens Family Restaurant is a Multi Cusine Restaurant. They likewise give cooking administrations to relationships, occasions, and events. The food is lip-smacking and delectable. The rates are not very costly. Individuals can jump into this spot to invest a decent energy with loved ones. They work from Monday to Sunday. 


Address: RG Road, Chikkamagalur 577101, India 


Maharaja Restaurant 


Maharaja Restaurant serves Indian, Continental, and Chinese Cuisine. They likewise make fish, Chicken, sheep luxuries. They additionally make heavenly veg food things. The feel of the restaurant is pleasant. The staff individuals are caring and very much prepared. They make dishes for lunch and Dinner as it were. They are operational on all days. 


Address: Indira Gandhi Street, Chikkamagalur 577101, India Opposite Giri lnn


New Bean Café 


New Bean Café is prevalently known for their outlandish espresso and different drinks. They bring the new espresso from the espresso domain and mix the best ones. The taste and the smell of the espresso is amazing. It is close to the Indian oil petroleum bunk. The insides of the bistro are all around enriched. The staff individuals are benevolent. 


Address: Banakal Main Road Nh 234 Next to Chikkamagalur Tanker Station 577132, India


Siri Café 


Siri Café in Chikmagalur serves Indian Cuisines. They make food things for breakfast, lunch, Dinner, and bites. The Siri bistro is notable for its lovely environment and outside picturesque magnificence. The staff individuals deal with their clients and are very much prepared. One can appreciate it here with their loved ones. 


Address: Chikkamagalur 577101, India 




Kanha Restaurant serves North-Indian and South-Indian Cuisine. The mood of the café is lovely. The insides are all around brightened. The food is heavenly, lip-smacking, and delicious. Individuals can compose occasions and gatherings in this Restaurant. They are operational on the entire days of the week. 


Address: Indira Gandhi Road, Chikkamagalur 577101, India 


Vintage Café 


Vintage Café in Chikmagalur is notable for its channel espresso, tea, juices, milkshakes, and some more. They make definitive mixed drinks and mocktails. Their clients like to have the chilled taste of their flavorful refreshments. The climate of the bistro is mitigating. The staff individuals are thoughtful. The mood is extraordinary. 


Address: Ashraya, Chikkamagalur, India 




Annapurna is a Restaurant giving Indian Cuisines. This Restaurant consistently conveys the conventional taste of their indulgences. The mood of the Restaurant is relieving. Staff individuals are respectful and kind. They make scrumptious and lip-smacking primary courses, starters, sweets, and refreshments. One must visit this spot to have a luxurious supper. 


Address: KM Avenue, Chikkamagalur 577101, India Next to Cafe Coffee Day

Sri Mangala Fish Land And Family Restaurant 


Set up in the year 2005, serving both neighborhood and Mangalore style cooking is one of the must-visit for foodies. 


Address: Gorur Complex, I G Road second Cross, Barlane Road, Chikmagalur Bus Stand, Chikmagalur – 577101


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