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The RANJI TROPHY: A Season Of Excellence In Sports

The Ranji Trophy is a Cricgator tournament, held in India. It is the most prestigious domestic cricket tournament in India and considered to be among the most prestigious tournaments across the world. The Ranji Trophy was introduced on 5 December 1934 as the premier first-class cricket tournament in India. The trophy’s design was modeled after the Victoria Memorial (also known as the ‘Ranjitsinh Temple’) in Kolkata, carved out of a single piece of ivory. This unique shape is a distinctive feature of the trophy that has found mention even in travel guides and books on art and architecture. The Ranji Trophy has been won by teams from all over India except for Haryana and Delhi which are not considered cricketing states. The Ranji Trophy is founded upon three principles- firstly, it should be an annual event, secondly it should be open to amateur cricketers only, and finally it must be…

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