10 Simple Ways to Help Your Kids Learn How to Read and Write.

Read and Write

Learning to read and write is important for your kids. Not only does it help them develop skills that are essential throughout their entire lives, but it also opens the door for them to learn languages, improve their comprehension, and learn more about the world. Here are some ways you can help your kids hone in on their reading and writing skills.


How learning to read and write can help your kids

Reading improves children’s vocabulary

Children who can read tend to speak better. We’ve all heard the saying “a book is a journey to places you have never been before.” It’s hard to live up to that claim, and there’s a lot of truth to it.

Research shows that reading increases vocabulary (and comprehension) in children and that this is a good predictor of how students will do in reading in school. For example, when students are taught to sound out words they have never heard before, they are more likely to remember the information and apply it to the real world.

This is an example of the whole-language approach in action. By forcing students to explore their environments and materials on their own, they learn how to interpret their environment and understand the meaning of words.

10 Ways to Help Your Kids Learn Reading and Writing

Tell them the story

Stories have been the most popular way to encourage kids to learn how to read and write. By reading them regularly, you encourage them to hear and comprehend what they’re reading and to translate it into their own language. They can practice their reading skills by reading themselves and sharing it with you, or you can read to them. As a bonus, this also encourages them to become more creative writers and expand their vocabularies.

Read books with them, especially if they have their own stories they’ve created or ones you’ve made up. This will help them develop the knowledge of how to create a complete story, instead of simply what happened or what a character did.

How To Help Kids Improve Their Reading Comprehension

Reading is one of the best ways to improve your kids’ comprehension skills. “To become a proficient reader, you need to read in a variety of contexts, read with different context and diction, and read in a wide variety of tones,” says Patricia Miller. “After reading, your brain will break the words down and see the information using different functions in the brain. When this happens, you can remember that information and it will be easier to apply in other areas of your life.”

So, the next time your kid starts sounding out words, try reading books with different narrative patterns. Try rhyming books that start with the same letter, to spark your kid’s imagination. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative.

10 Ways To Help Your Kids Learn Languages

A major goal of parenting is to give your children the ability to communicate effectively and fully in the way in which they best learn. Learning a second language comes with a learning curve that is both difficult and challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Here are some ways you can help your kids get more practice speaking multiple languages.

Tips for Helping Kids Learn How to Read

Learning how to read and write is just one way to help your kids develop overall literacy skills, but these tips are some simple ways to help your kids become more literate.

Reward positive behavior.

Your kids will do things that make you smile. You’ll see them reading on the bus, or they’ll be doing their math homework at the table.


We all know how important it is to support our children with learning materials. So what are you waiting for? If your children are still not using a Smartboard or an iPad, here is a list of other activities they can do to help them learn.

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