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Robert Coles – Founder, Editor in Chief

Robert was born and raised in Nashville , TN, but had a thirst for seeing the world around him. He currently lives in New York City. His adventures have taken him to all corners of the world, but favorites include: attending the Rio Summer Olympics, island hopping in the Philippines, tasting every gelato flavor he could find in Rome , and surviving a Colombian death cab ride in Bogota. Robert is an out and proud gay man and hopes to inspire other members of the LGBTQ+ community to tell their stories, both of travel and personal. His debut book, I Know Where I’ve Been: A Year Long Journey of Self-Discovery, recounts his adventures traveling North and South America for a year while diving into his past growing up gay in the conservative South. It’s available here for purchase on Amazon.



Steven HinkleEditor, Weekly Columns | Writer, LGBTQ+ Issues

Steven Hinkle: Writer, editor, actor, musician. Born in northern New Jersey in 1994, Steven was a bright but shy child. At twelve years old he came out and has been proud ever since. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English and writes about LGBTQ+ issues and accomplishments. A professional actor since 2000, appearing in movies such movies Syriana and Awake and TV series such as Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and the HBO miniseries, John Adams, Steven has had many travel experiences at a young age, such as visiting Geneva and Dubai at the age of nine and Budapest at eleven. He is a self-taught bassist, pianist, and mallet percussionist. Steven wish to broaden his horizons and is very passionate about the plights and accomplishments of the LGBTQ+ community.


Susan Jane KingColumnist, 48 hours In…

I am a travel writer, backpacker and house-sitter, pursuing a life of global adventure and exploration. I have been living out of a (very small!) backpack since 2012 and have lived or travelled in over fifty countries. My favorite destinations to date are India, Mexico and the south west USA. I have had work published in Great Escape Publishing, MisAdventures, TravelSignPosts, Wanderful,, Girls Getaway, Dollar Stretcher and Writer’s Weekly. Between travels, I housesit in Brighton, UK, where I am an active member of the city’s LGBTQ community.


Erin Oliveri – Columnist, Love It, Leave It with Erin Oliveri

Erin Oliveri is the definition of an adventurous nomad — from eating highly questionable street food in Bangkok to plunging off of one of the highest bungee jumps in the world — there’s nothing she won’t try when traveling. A native New Yorker, Erin has eaten her way through more than 35 countries and six continents — Antarctica, she’s coming for you next. She’s also pretty obsessed with puns, not going to the gym, and her French Bulldog, Toulouse (Erin’s #1 eating buddy and frequent star on her Instagram).


Rachel IrickWriter, Theatre & Entertainment

Rachel Irick is a theatre director and teacher, political activist, and a weekly columnist for TravelPride. She holds two graduate degrees in theatre and is the former artistic director for OKC Theatre Company where she served for over 10 years, 5 as artistic director. She lives with her family in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where she tries really hard to love everybody and “do unto others,” even if they vote Republican.


Ryan ClarkWriter, Travel & Leisure

Ryan MariK was born Ryan Clark in a sleepy Virginia town near the East Coast.  He loves video games, good movies, fine wines and scotch, and reading/writing (obviously).  A bit of a nerd, he can school you in Yu-Gi-Oh, too.  Ryan graduated the Cinema/TV program at Regent University and hopes to one day go back to complete his MFA in Screenwriting & Storytelling.  In addition to being a content contributor to TravelPride, he is also a novelist and screenwriter.  He divorces himself from his given Christian name for personal reasons.


Ellen RicksWriter, Travel Literature & Destinations

Ellen Ricks is a freelance writer living in upstate New York. She has a BFA in Creative Writing from SUNY Potsdam and has been published in various  of online and print journals. She  runs the fashion blog Sarcasm in Heels and had been a guest blogged for NEDA. She was the 2nd place winner in the 2017 Poetry Matters Project Lit Prize for Poetry in their adult category, and was a finalist for the 2014 Norman Mailer Creative Writing Award for 2-year colleges (creative nonfiction). When not writing, Ellen enjoy consuming pumpkin spice everything, frolicking in fancy dresses and dismantling the patriarchy.

Published in: NEDA Blog, Gods and Radical, Revolving Doors Lit Zine, Oak Lit Magazine, Potsdam People and North Country Literary Magazine.


Pamela FischerDigital Media Specialist



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