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Halloween Costume Ideas for the LGBTQ Couple



Halloween has to be one of my favorite holidays. Not only does it signify that fall has finally started by bringing new winds of change into your life, but dressing up as another person entirely for a night and acting out your character sounds like a fun time, no matter your age.

For the LGBTQ couple, costume ideas can be a lot more fun because they require more creativity in the pair you want to emulate.

Costume couples can be fly, daring and awesome if done right, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your partner. Costume ideas are found anywhere, but here are a few that I thought would be adorable, no matter your sex.

Mario and Luigi

The original saviors of a damsel in distress, these Nintendo brothers are perfect for any sex or any age- and their attire is pretty easy to imitate.

Separated only by a green and red colored shirt, Mario-Luigi costumes are easily found online, or can be made at home. Pack on a pair of overalls and throw on a faux-stache and voila, “It’s a me, Mario (and Luigi)!”

Batman and Robin 

Name a more epic duo. I dare you.

Arguably the most epic hero in the Marvel Universe, Batman and  Robin are both the defenders of Gotham and the perfect way to make a statement. Who doesn’t love the superhero and his reliable sidekick? The best part is a variety of these costumes can be found on ebay, Amazon, or the king of Halloween, Party City.

Ash and Pikachu

Does your heart still break when you watch Pokemon: The Movie 2000? If you answered yes, you know exactly which scene I’m talking about- when little Pikachu pika-cries over what is presumably Ash’s dead body, and the audience gets their first dose of poke-heartbreak.

No doubt the most devoted couple out there, Ash and Pikachu are a great couple to portray come Halloween time.

The only issue I foresee here would be fighting over who gets to be Pikachu. Who wouldn’t wanna be the adorable, electric Pokemon?

No matter which Ash Ketchum look you’re going for, ebay has an assortment of options to choose from, from the older versions of Ash to their newer ones.

As for Pikachu, should you decide to go stag, there’s always the added option of a Pikachu plush, that you can definitely take home at the end of Halloween night and binge-watch Pokemon re-runs together.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Tom and Jerry

No matter when you were born, if you were around in the 90’s, you’ve definitely peeped Tom and Jerry.

Everyone knows the lovable cat and mouse and their even more lovable chase. Tom and Jerry are the epitome of a love-hate relationship, and definitely make a strong statement.

While Tom and Jerry costumes seem…enthusiastic, to say the least, this is a costume I would much prefer to DIM (Do It Myself).

If worst comes to worse, throw on a pair of cat and mouse ears, some makeup, and have Tom hold his signature frying pan and you’ve become the low-key loving rivals.

Your favorite Protagonist and Antagonist

In love with book characters? Get creative!

Voldemort and Harry, Frodo and Sauron, Dr. Frankenstein and The Creature, or even Cruella De Vil and a Dalmatian; bring your favorite characters to life and draw a literary comparison between the likes of good and evil with your partner.

Or the Disney Princess couple that (unfortunately) never happened

If you grew up on Disney like I did, you probably have your favorite Disney Princess in mind. Mine is Ariel.

And, despite your gender or sex, I know everyone wants to be a Disney Princess for the day. And the best part, is you can mix and match!

Who would make a sexier couple: Ariel and Cinderella, or Snow White and Esmerelda? Ooh, maybe Mulan and Jasmine? The possibilities are endless.

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Julia is a writer and editor who enjoys experiences that expand her mind. You can check out her personal development blog at


The Iconic Beverly Hills Hotel Wallpaper is Now on a Shoe, and We Are Unwell



  1. Can someone please hop on for us at 12AM on November 1, 2017, and get us signed up for the last bastion of hope for healthcare in America, BECAUSE WE ARE UNWELL.

Luxury brand Koio Collective attacked us this past month by partnering with The Beverly Hills Hotel to create a new sneaker with a pattern in the style of the hotel’s iconic wallpaper, and we. are. shook.

The rent check is about to be late for next month, because this shoe runs between $475 and $550. The sneaker is being sold exclusively online and at the hotel itself. Designed with the legendary Martinique Banana Leaf print, the history of the hotel – and the print itself – is one littered with celebrity, wealth, glamour, and sordidness, and we are here to read you the filth.

The hotel was built in Los Angeles in 1912 before Beverly Hills even existed. Of course, social media did not exist back then, but developer Burton Green, President of the Rodeo Land and Water Company, was a bit of a marketing genius; he wanted to incite a “land rush,” and advertised the hotel as located “halfway between Los Angeles and the sea.”

As Beverly Hills became its own city in 1914 due to its rapid growth, so the elite continued to flock to The Beverly Hills Hotel. From the 1940s on, it was a celebrity hotspot, attracting the likes of Princess Margaret (commoners were instructed to not speak to her unless spoken to, and to stay at least five feet away from her and Lord Snowdon at all times), the Crown Prince of Monaco, John Wayne, Henry Fonda, the Rat Pack, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor; in fact, Elizabeth Taylor enjoyed quite a bit of time in the bungalows with six of her eight husbands, and Bungalow 7 is known as “Norma Jean,” because of the amount of time Monroe spent there. John Lennon and Yoko Ono spent a week in bed at the hotel. Lindsay Lohan’s list of the people who she allegedly slept with surfaced at the hotel. Several movies were, of course, filmed there, including: California Suite, American Gigolo, Shampoo, The Way We Were, and many more.

The hotel was – and still is – no stranger to what is dubbed in LA as “power lunches” (perhaps these days known as “power brunches”); in 1938, when Vivien Leigh went to the hotel to see lover Lawrence Olivier, he brought her to meet agent Myron Selznick. Not long after, she was cast to play Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind. Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy carried on much of their 25-year affair there. Howard Hughes had roast beef sandwiches delivered to a nook in a tree while he was living on the property – because what else are you going to do, as an eccentric millionaire, besides renting nine bungalows at The Beverly Hills Hotel and eat roast beef?

The history of the wallpaper is as rich as the tapestries it finds itself on. In 1937, decorator Dorothy Draper designed the banana leaf pattern, called “Brazilliance” for the California-based Arrowhead Springs Hotel. In 1942, Hollywood-based decorator Don Loper designs what became the iconic Martinique wallpaper, a banana leaf design based on the original that now adorns The Beverly Hills Hotel. Celebrities who stay in the hotel or go on photoshoots at the hotel are constantly photographed in front of it, cementing its place in history. The wallpaper can only be bought here. The good news is, small samples are available to the public at – gasp! – only $9.95, so you can have your own little piece of history.

As for the history of the shoe company, well, Koio is about 100 years younger than the hotel itself, yet Chris Wichert, one of the founding members of Koio, states that their company “shares [the]same values,” as the hotel, with a spokesperson for the hotel echoing the sentiment.

Edward Mady, Regional Director West Coast USA and General Manager at the hotel, states, “Koio is the ideal partner to create this fun footwear that celebrates the hotel’s most beloved design element and Southern California lifestyle.”

And showcasing SoCal it does – it makes us want to pack our bags and book a room now. Does In-N-Out do room service? Guess we’ll have to wait until we have the celebrity bankroll to truly have it all.

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Ballin’ on a Budget: Travel Fashion That Won’t Break the Bank



How many of us are ballers on a budget? We have champagne tastes, but a beer bank account, but we love to travel, and we love to look good while doing it. Luckily, there are ways around our dwindling bank accounts – you can have the closet of your dreams while on the vacation of a lifetime. Read on to discover how we at TravelPRIDE like getting thrifty.

Online Shopping

Online retailer Poshmark is one of our favorite spots for scoring high-end, gently worn fashion at low, low prices. The bonus? You can sell your own previously-loved items to drum up some money for your trip – you can also use the money you earn on Poshmark to purchase additional items on the website.

If you can afford to spend a bit more, head on over to The RealReal, described as “the mother of all high-end resale online shops.” While The RealReal trends towards more high-end pricing, you can definitely find some unique travel items in their sale section. The added bonus is that with fashion, you truly get what you pay for, so if you’re purchasing a piece that’s more expensive, it’s more likely to last longer – an important note for us travellers.

Thrift Stores

We love a good thrifting find – even if we were billionaires, there’s something about scoring a great deal that we can’t get enough of, at home or abroad. Scouring vintage stores, outlets, or wholesale retailers is great prep for your trip. Make sure to check the weather during your trip dates prior to going shopping – you don’t want to necessarily buy a parka if you’re going to Hawaii in December! It may seem like common sense, but it’s a good reminder nonetheless.

If you’re interested in thrifting in the Europe or UK, we recommend the following two favs:

Absolute Vintage in Central London

14 Hanbury St, London E1 6QR, UK


This shop has been around for a while, and yours truly may or may not have scored an awesome vintage baseball tee on her first trip to this little hidden gem in London in 2007. There are plenty of options for guys, gals, and everything in-between. They should have plenty of rain gear for those drearily perfect London days, too.

Chezel in Paris

59 rue Condorcet – 18th Arrond


This shop has amazing vintage, a ton of YSL at reasonable prices, great jewelry, and gorgeous bags and boots. While I did not personally get to hit it up on my last Paris trip, the recommendation was given to me by a famous fashion blogger who I used to work with, who shall remain unnamed!

Yard Sales

Listen, yard sales ain’t what they used to be – with newish apps like Letgo and Nextdoor popping up, you can find free – or practically free – high-end clothing and accessories right in your own backyard. The bonus to Nextdoor is that, since it’s inherently local to where you physically reside, it somehow seems a bit less shady when meeting up with folks to buy or trade goods or services – however, it’s probably still best to meet said folks in a public place first. Looking through craigslist is always an option for estate and garage sales, too, so don’t give up on your old tried-and-true methods to find good gear. The bonus of yard sales is that you can also find great camping or hiking gear to pack on your next excursion! And don’t be afraid of the barter sections – figure out what skillset you can offer in exchange for somewhat free stuff, but again, be wary and use caution.

Happy hunting, and let us know the websites you shop on when you need your fashion fix or are preparing for a trip!

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Amazon is selling a pro-anorexia hoodie during Mental Illness Awareness Week



It’s Mental Illness Awareness Week, folks, a time for sharing stories, knowledge, and coming together to talk about the importance of respecting mental illness.

Apparently, Amazon UK did not get the memo because they are selling hoodies making a mockery of anorexia, which is a serious mental health issue. The hoodie, in hot pink font, says “Anorexia: like Bulimia except with self-control.”


This is, of course, is disgusting and troubling, not only because it trivializes anorexia and bulimia, both of which are serious and life-ending illnesses, but because this isn’t the first time that people have disregarded eating disorders. Most of our culture treats eating disorders like a hollow punch line. In recent years, celebrities like Meghan Trainor said that she “wasn’t strong enough to have an eating disorder,” the late Carrie Fisher called herself a “failed anorexic,” and who could forget the infamous Kate Moss quote “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”?

People are understandably upset about this hoodie, calling for Amazon to ban the sale of the hoodie which is sold by a 3rd party for $25.88. People, many of whom have suffered for years or have lost loved ones to the illness, have spoken out about their disgust for this shirt.

However, other people have commented saying that this shirt is “no big deal” and people need to stop being so “politically correct” and some even find it “funny.”

So why is this shirt a big deal?

Because anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any other mental illness and causes 12 times more deaths than any other illness among girls ages 15-24, to whom this hoodie is targeted. According to the National Eating Disorder Association 20 million women and 10 million men suffer from eating disorders at some point in their lives and 1 in 5 people with an eating disorder will die prematurely as a result.  

This isn’t a question of political correctness, or not being able to take a “joke.” These are human lives, humans who are dying over an illness that is constantly not treated or undertreated because of the horrible stigma. Because of horrible stereotypes that end lives. I personally never felt stronger, or felt that I had self-control because of my eating disorder. I don’t feel pride in my anorexia, but I will not be ashamed of my struggles and I will always speak out against toxic things such as this. Shirts like these, thoughts like these, are part of the problem. Speaking out is part of the solution.

So maybe I’m being too sensitive, but I think things are too loud to stay silent.

Originally posted 2017-10-07 18:16:23.

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